Help Me Save My Best Friend: PLEASE READ.



Hey everyone, my best friend’s dog, Monty, has developed cancer.

this week they brought him to the vet for a routine checkup and found out that a couple of the bumps on his body are cancerous.

He and his family are crowd sourcing because the cancer is operable but very expensive, and his family is trying to find a way to pay for the surgery. Monty’s only six, still full of life and love and is sincerely the sweetest, most loving dog you will ever meet. Everyone that meets him instantly falls in love with him, just look at that face. We all really don’t want to see him go if we can do anything about it.

So this is a plea to anyone who knows or has ever known the love of a canine best friend and wants to contribute by making a donation to Monty’s Crowdsite page. please click on THIS LINK to donate to Monty’s family and help raise enough cash to cover the surgery of their dog, which is about $2000. They’re doing the best they can, but every little bit helps. And please by all means spread the word about Monty, reblog, tell your mum, phone Ellen Degeneres or Denny’s, etc.

Please help save our buddy.

Monty’s Crowdrise Page:

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finally found out that my mom had replaced the mattress in the spare room that was an air mattress and she used an 8” memory foam mattress topper to do so

i live with a dangerous predator and right now he is tolerating me as i smush and kiss his hind paws

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pinkiepiebones replied to your post “horrid awful no good dream about zombiism and everyone we tried to…”

*awkward zombie noises*

*sad phoebe noises*

horrid awful no good dream about zombiism and everyone we tried to save seemed to turn out infected, including the baby, and there was a corporation passing out a cure and trying to weaponize the disease simultaneously.

there were also a bunch of weird conditions going on, like “sun blindness”, that were apparently a serious concern

but the megabats were fine!!

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current mood: daenerys targaryen staring into the camera like she’s on the office

cause: syrisa's fanfiction



These photos were taken a few seconds apart.

ahhh how majestic

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tinykaiju replied to your post “i think my wisdom teeth are coming out ”

Oh god I’m so sorry, I had mine out last summer and it was NOT FUN


Idek they’re the worst, like, I even have a pretty high pain tolerance and I didn’t get off the couch for at least 3 or 4 days after, wisdom teeth are so unnecessary
so basically: make a very comfy blanket nest for yourself, get lots of ice packs and soft food, keep water bottles nearby to take the pain meds and antibiotics they’ll give you, and don’t drink anything through a straw for the first few days or it could mess up the stitches

*scooches into conversation because wisdom tEETH* also, follow any food instructions they give you; if they say no seeds, rice or nuts for x weeks they mean it b/c it can get caught inside the wound and infections happen after that TRUST ME IT’S NOT FUN

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Babe, I couldn’t pick just one


Babe, I couldn’t pick just one

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Bard and his little Bardlings all warm in their nest UuU

I told r-navy I would draw this like 2 months ago but it never looked good U^UBut after my emotions were killed when I saw the BotFA trailer earlier today I had to cope with my misery with cuddles. 

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We Two Jailcrows — RivkaZ 2014
(Palette #1 for the meme).

 In which Melkor rescues Miriel from Mandos in exchange for the Silmarils, and the two clandestinely revisit her abandoned chambers in search of rewards, and old memories. 

oh my god yes

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Anonymous said: What elven king or lord would you marry and why. If you want you could choose up to three.


Okay, but see it kind of depends on what you mean by choosing up to three (not that I gave this an unhealthy amount of thought or anything, no sir not me)

If you meant I can choose up to three to marry at the same time, polygamy style, then my answer would be:

  • Fingon (my favorite of the High Kings, shhh don’t tell the others)
  • Maedhros (he was technically king for a little bit, it counts)
  • Finarfin (I mean, he lived among the Teleri with his wife and learned their language and everything, so he’s always struck me as an especially respectful and considerate husband)

And I’d marry all of them in Valinor, after a couple of them were reembodied and all, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about commuting between husbands. Also, all three branches of the House of Finwe would be united in their marriage to me, Supreme Queen of the Noldor!

If you meant I can choose up to three to marry in succession, divorce/remarriage style, then my answer would be:

  • Turgon (He’s king of Gondolin, people. Gondolin.)
  • Gil-galad (Ruled for the entirety of the Second Age, and was one of the kings I find myself getting the least frustrated with, lol)
  • Thranduil (By now I’m probably tired of the Noldor and could use a nice, sort of dramatic Sindarin husband, lol)

If I married each of these elves (let’s just assume that I remarried after the deaths of my first two husbands), then I’d have the chance to live in Gondolin, Lindon, and Mirkwood, and would be queen for altogether at least 6,500 years. That’s significantly longer than most elvish kings have ruled.

And if you meant that I can marry only one, but choose two alternates just in case, then my answer would be:

  • Gil-galad (If I only get to marry one elf king, then it mind as well be one that lived a good long time, and whose decisions don’t regularly irritate me)
  • Finarfin (as mentioned before, he seems like a stand-up guy. He’s #2 because I feel kind of bad about stealing him away from Earwen)
  • Finrod (arguably one of the richest kings, and he certainly seems like the kind of guy I could have a nice conversation with)

Looking back at my answers, I’m seeing a little bit of a trend… look, I’m not saying that I’m a power-hungry gold-digger. But, well, if I’m going to put up with the drama and heartache that follows the elvish kings around, then I mind as well be all Margaery Tyrell about it.





sighs dreamily about ace randus

Hell of a guy!

Ace Randus is perfect and should be protected at all cost. 




ok no you’re right baroque music is flawless

I was talking about those horrible lovecraftian monsters you find in churches and stuff



Jesus fucking Christ dude calm down

are you kidding me that’s like 95% of the charm

the vague impression of a horrifying face and a hundred limbs bursting out of the wall, leaking candles from every orifice is honestly what makes that wall sculpture perfect


quick! send me an illustration prompt, go!


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