Reasons Why Cillian Murphy’s Face Interests Me

Notable Bone Structures:

>Basic Face Shape: Long, angular face.

>Brow: particularly prominent.

>Cheekbones: High and sharp. When working in tandem with the brow, frame the eyes.

>Jaw: While overall wide, it tapers in to give the image a delicate chin.

Notable Facial Features:

>Eyes: Not many will argue with me over how brilliantly blue they are. They are relatively small, but placed high due to long face. Framed well by prominent cheekbones and brow.

>Nose: Rather narrow, and not that prominent. Gives relief to such strong features that are already in place.

>Lips: Um… dem lips? Very full bottom lip, which makes them quite-kissable looking. A bit of a pursed look because they are narrow.

Face in Motion:

>Mouth: For someone with such a narrow mouth, this is impressive. Smiles and grins are broad. Even when caught with mouth open, lips are still pretty.

>Wrinkling: Crease in the middle of the forehead. When older, wrinkling gives the impression of gauntness. Also, tiny dimpling in the corner of the mouth.

People Who Use His Face (list incomplete):

Allus, Miss Kitten, Junior, and Dr. Crane


I’m going to bed now.

I promise.